Our Story

In 2012, we decided to create a football academy that offered the opportunity for players to develop and grow within.

The mission was to create an environment that focused on performance. One that bridged the gap between grassroots and professional football, which allowed the players to feel a part of something meaningful, to provide an ethos that worked on the person, as well as the player, and so, The EDSV Academy was born.

In the beginning, we were a post 16-education programme for twenty-four boys. Now, we cater for around three-hundred boys and girls on a weekly basis, ranging from the ages five through to nineteen, and we would love to add you to the family.
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Timeline of Major Events
Our Beginning.
September 2012
Our post 16-education programme for 24 boys begun.
September 2013
The inclusion of our post 16 Development Squad.
September 2014
The birth of our female education programme.
May 2015
We introduced AFC Oaklands to the world.
February 2016
Our youth provision started with our very first Holiday Camp.
August 2016
The Elite Performance Centre begun.
September 2016
Our boys post 16 Shadow Squad was introduced.
September 2017
A female Development Squad for our post 16 provision.
September 2017
Our Youth Development Centre started.

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The elite football academy that provides performance based courses for aspiring male and female footballers