New logo, new identity, a new era begins – EDSV brandish new crest
A new chapter in the growing history of The EDSV Academy has been set, as we unveil the new logo.

The new logo is set to distinguish how the Academy has modernised itself, leaving the old logo behind as its foundations. The logo brandishes a new identity at the Academy, with a revamp of coaching staff, training equipment as well as a fresh new kit for the 2017/18 season.

The new identity is compatible with the modern day brands of football, with its simplicity contrasting with its significance. As The EDSV Academy expands with the development of their academy, and youth sides, as well as performance and development centres, the simplicity of the logo makes it easy to recognise as the brand begins to inflate.

The modernisation of EDSV off the pitch transcends onto the pitch, with the demand for excellence increasing. With the new set of staff employed with the responsibility of delivering valuable sessions, they also hold the responsibility of passing on the new mentality to the players, with the value of the word team becoming more important than ever. 
The elite football academy that provides performance based courses for aspiring male and female footballers